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Tom has been copyediting for most of his adolescent and adult life (not that he makes much of a distinction between them). He started out as the “Features Editor” for his high school newspaper, and then, after graduating from the City College of New York (CCNY) in 1963, he went to work as a copy editor, first at The Star-Ledger in Newark, New Jersey, and then at New York’s Daily News, where he remained for seventeen years.

In 1990, Tom left the city and moved to Saugerties, New York. He moved from newspapers to books as well, and over the years has been a freelance copy editor (and proofreader) for a variety of New York City publishing houses, both big and small. He recently copyedited Bernie Sanders’ New York Times hardcover bestseller, Our Revolution, for St. Martin’s Press.

As a writer, Tom has written magazine articles, poetry, and several comic plays that have been produced in New York City, Seattle, and throughout the Hudson Valley. He has also acted extensively, in New York City and elsewhere.