The KAA Story

Kevin Anderson & Associates began in 2007 in a stuffy, subterranean computer lab at Harvard University, where Kevin was studying literary theory and criticism.

While pursuing his graduate degree, intent on completing his PhD and becoming a professor, Kevin founded a freelance tutoring and thesis-advisory service. The business started as a solo-enterprise but quickly grew to include staff of fellow Harvard graduate students and alumni. 

Then, in 2008, a small publishing house reached out to Kevin, looking for a more rigorous and dependable editorial service than what they had been getting from freelancers. This opportunity led Kevin to expand the business into the world of books, which saw several early successes, including Norman Ollestad’s 2009 New York Times-bestselling memoir, Crazy for the Storm

In 2014, Kevin split the company into two separate entities. Dissertation Editor, LLC, led by CEO Dr. Allen Roda, retained its all-PhD staff to focus on editing, formatting, statistical analysis, and consulting for PhD students and scholars. Kevin Anderson & Associates, Inc., with Kevin at the helm, opened an office in Manhattan to focus entirely on editing and writing full-length trade books. KAA would later expand by opening offices in Nashville in late 2014 and Los Angeles in 2017, and the company plans to open a London office in 2022.

Utilizing a team approach to help authors develop their books and navigate the publishing industry, Kevin Anderson & Associates’ blend of collaboration and comprehensive service has elevated the firm to a unique position in the publishing industry. 

From 2019 to 2021, the firm added 11 in-house editors who were formerly notable editorial directors, senior executive editors, and senior acquisitions editors at the Big-5 publishers.

KAA’s team approach to the writing and editorial process has led to the development of hundreds of national bestsellers and launched the careers of numerous successful authors.

Today, KAA works closely with literary agents, publishers, and authors on over 500 books annually. Kevin’s passion for knowledge, critical thinking, and sharing authors’ messages is very much at the core of everything KAA does. Though the firm’s services are wide ranging, they all serve the same purpose: making great books and getting them to readers. This is what KAA seeks to accomplish through book planning, book proposals, editing, ghostwriting, book coaching, beta testing, sensitivity reading, and comprehensive publishing industry navigation. 

It’s an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling privilege to collaborate with authors and foster creativity, knowledge, and understanding through books. And their offices are neither stuffy or subterranean.

You can learn more about Kevin and his personal bio here