Beta Reader Services for Ghostwriting

Discover how actual readers within your target demographic feel about your book, title, or book cover


Full-Length Manuscript Review

Our full-length manuscript review service provides extensive, raw, and unbiased feedback from 20+ beta readers within your target demographic. Survey results are analyzed by a former Big-5 acquisitions editor who compiles the data into a 20-page report with specific reader-centric suggestions.

Beta Reader Review Process

1. Selection

Select your target audience’s demographics based on age, gender, religious or political affiliation, marital status, and education level. We’ll tap into our database of over 25,000 readers to select 20–30 beta readers who are a perfect match for your manuscript.

2. Reading

Selected readers sign a non-disclosure agreement and are given a watermarked digital copy of your manuscript. They’ll also receive any specific questions you want them to consider while they read your manuscript.

3. Review

Readers respond to 30–50 questions carefully crafted by industry professionals to draw out and identify key issues.

4. Report

All beta reader feedback is analyzed by our Senior Editor and compiled into a comprehensive 20-page report that includes readers’ quotes, trends, net-promoter score and editorial requirements. You’ll receive your review in approximately 30 days.

We were impressed with Kevin Anderson & Associates’ beta reader service. As a publisher, we found it invaluable to receive direct and honest feedback from target readers. The breadth, thoroughness, and high level of thoughtful detail contained in the report helped guide our editorial decisions. We especially appreciated how the report offered constructive criticism, combined with actionable editorial solutions to address identified problems. We were very happy with the professionalism of Kevin Anderson & Associates and the great services they provide.

Andrea Fleck-Nisbet, VP & Publisher, Harper Horizon

Our Beta Reader Database Includes Dedicated Readers in the Following Genres


  • Advice + How-to
  • Biography + Memoir
  • Business
  • Cooking
  • General Nonfiction
  • Health + Wellness
  • History
  • Humor
  • Parenting
  • Personal Development
  • Politics + Current Events
  • Science
  • True Crime
  • …and more!


  • Action + Adventure
  • African American Fiction
  • Crime Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Thrillers
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • …and more!

Title and Book Cover Surveys

Looking for opinions on your book’s title, subtitle, or cover design? Split-test, ask specific questions, and get feedback on your title or cover from a team of over 350 beta readers. They’ll review and rank each title or cover and provide valuable feedback and alternative title suggestions. Cover and title survey results will be delivered to you within two weeks.

Beta Reader Testing Rates




Full Manuscript Review (20+ readers)


30 Days

Title + Subtitle Survey

(350+ readers)


14 Days

Book Cover Survey

(350+ readers)


14 Days

Give Your Manuscript a Test Drive

You’ve put in the work writing your manuscript. Now it’s time to get the feedback your book deserves. Find out exactly how readers in your target demographic feel about your book and make meaningful changes before you publish.