Rates & Services

You can view our list of services and standard rates for adult books here and our children’s books here.
We know no two books—or clients—are exactly alike. Please allow us to discuss your book in detail and determine the optimal strategy, process, and price to achieve your publishing goals.
On a budget? High-quality professional ghostwriting and editing services do not come cheaply, but there are ways to reduce your costs. For example, many clients who think they require ghostwriting services need only developmental editing services, which cost considerably less.
Please contact us to see if we can put together a plan that will achieve your goals within your budget.

Note: In rare cases, we will work with a client on a contingency basis (i.e. our compensation would be based on a percentage of the publisher’s advance and royalties). If you are a well known or influential figure, or have an exceptional concept for a book, please contact us with the subject line “QUERY” and provide as much detail as possible about your book, platform (networks, visibility, social media reach, ability to market the book), and why it’s marketable.

For a free consultation, please call 1-844-997-4837

Customized Services for Your Book

We take the time necessary to understand every detail about your book and determine the best strategy to achieve your publishing goals. Contact us and we’ll put together a service package that’s the right fit for you.