Client Success Stories at Kevin Anderson & Associates

See how Kevin Anderson & Associates has helped first-time authors build their books, elevate their brands, and hit the bestseller lists

Tom Golisano

KAA’s white-glove approach produces a #1 national bestseller, huge brand recognition, and a two-book deal

Scott Cawthon

The creation of a #1 New York Times bestselling series — over a million copies sold

Ken Rusk

First-time nonfiction author nets six-figure book deal with HarperCollins and hits the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List

Ken Honda

KAA goes onsite in Japan to help personal finance author break into the US market with a national bestseller

Norman Ollestad

Collaborative editing process yields a New York Times bestseller and movie deal

Kim Perell

Kim Perell collaborates with KAA to write her business book, secure a book deal, and launch a WSJ bestseller