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Book Proposal Services


Bestselling Track Record

Our book proposals have secured 6- and 7-figure deals and have led to the publication of numerous New York Times-bestselling books.


Elite Team

Work directly with bestselling writers and former senior acquisitions editors from Big-5 publishers. Our editors have launched the careers of perennially bestselling authors such as Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, and many others.


Publisher and Agency Connections

We work directly with top literary agencies and Big-5 publishers who hire us to write their proposals. Our firm gives you direct access to movers and shakers within the publishing industry.


Marketing, Publicity, and Bestseller Strategy

We’ve launched hundreds of successful books in multiple genres—we know exactly which marketers, publicists, and bestseller strategies will work best to achieve your specific publishing goals.


Publishing Navigation

Every client has unique publishing goals—we help you determine the ideal partners and pub strategy to get the most out of your book.


Personalized Service

We customize our process and timelines to meet your publishing goals. Our team can meet with you at one of our offices or in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

“Working with Kevin Anderson & Associates is a great experience. Having worked together on multiple books over the years, they’ve proven themselves to be reliable, responsive, and talented. Their team of bestselling authors is a great resource for us and I definitely recommend their services to any author or publisher looking for top-quality writing services with a well-managed process.”

Celeste Fine, Park & Fine

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What’s in a Book Proposal?

Book proposals vary in size and structure, though most contain some of the following sections.
  • Overview: An executive summary of your book and why people would want to read it.
  • Author Bio: Why you’re the right author for this book.
  • Comparable Titles: An evaluation of similar titles and authors, how well those books sold, and why your book fills a void in the market.
  • Annotated Outline: Captivating chapter descriptions
  • Author Platform and Marketing Strategy: A detailed analysis of your ability and strategy to sell books.
  • Sample Chapters (optional)

The Book Proposal
Writing Process


Discovery Discussions

We learn about your publishing goals and brainstorm how to build a book and publishing strategy that will accomplish them.


Strategy Sessions

Collaborative multi-day, in-person (optional), in-depth discussions on the book’s positioning, promise to the reader, structure, content, marketability, competitive analysis, author platform, and publishing strategy.


Table of Contents

We draft and finalize a detailed table of contents with chapter descriptions.


Writing the Book Proposal

We will write (or edit, if you prefer) the book proposal in close collaboration with you.


Editing and Review

A Senior Editor (a former acquisitions editor from a Big-5 publisher) reviews, assesses, and edits the book proposal.


Targeting Agents and Publishers

We work closely with agents and publishers and can ensure your proposal lands in the right hands.

Our offices are in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles.
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Let’s Start Building Your Book Proposal

Our collaborative book proposal-writing process will give your book the best possible chance of attracting a literary agents and securing a publishing deal.