Linda Alila

Senior Editor
New York Times-bestselling, former editor at Harper Leadership

Linda has ten years of experience in academic and trade publishing. She began her career at Pearson, where she worked on print and digital materials for K-12 and higher education. She has since edited academic books, textbooks, journals, and course materials across a wide array of subjects.

At HarperCollins Leadership, Linda edited titles in the areas of business nonfiction, business memoir, entrepreneurship, personal development, and celebrity memoir. Her list includes Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestsellers, and she has worked with such high-profile authors as John Maxwell, Donald Miller, Reggie Fils-Aimé, Candace Nelson, Stacy Igel, Robert Irvine, and Jeezy. As a Senior Editor at KAA, Linda enjoys collaborating with clients to bring their stories to life in a way that resonates deeply and fosters positive change.

Linda is a graduate of Princeton University and holds a Certificate in Editing from Temple University.

Selected Publications


  • Editor, Leading through Disruption by Andrew Liveris (HCL, 2023)
    • Wall Street Journal bestseller
  • Editor, Fearless Finances by Cassandra Cummings (HarperCollins Leadership, 2022)
  • Editor, Disrupting the Game by Reggie Fils-Aimé (HCL, 2022)
    • Wall Street Journal bestseller
  • Overcoming Impossible by Robert Irvine (HCL, 2022)
  • Editor, It All Adds Up by Devon Kennard (HCL, 2023)
    • #1 Amazon new release
  • Miss Independent by Nicole Lapin (HCL, 2021)
    • Wall Street Journal bestseller
  • Editor, Hero on a Mission by Donald Miller (HCL, 2022)
  • Running Remote by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson (HCL, 2022)
    • Wall Street Journalbestseller
  • Editor, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (25th anniversary edition) by John Maxwell (HCL, 2022)
    • New York Times bestseller
  • The Ultimate Guide to Developing Leaders by John Maxwell (forthcoming)
  • Editor, Sweet Success by Candace Nelson (HCL, 2021)
    • Wall Street Journal bestseller
    • Editor, Artpreneur by Miriam Schulman (HCL, 2023)


  • Co-editor, Writing for Impact by Bill Birchard (HCL, 2023)
  • Editor, Embracing the Calm Through the Chaos, Stacy Igel with Emily Liebert (HCL, 2022)
  • The Restart Roadmap by Jason Tartick
    • Wall Street Journal bestseller


  • Editor, Adversity for Sale by Jeezy (HCL, 2023)
    • New York Times bestseller
  • Editor, Running with Purpose by Jim Weber (HCL, 2022)