Dr. Jennifer Banash, Ghostwriter, Developmental Editor, & Publishing Consultant

//Dr. Jennifer Banash, Ghostwriter, Developmental Editor, & Publishing Consultant
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Specialties: Memoir, Literary Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Education: University of Iowa, PhD in English

Jennifer is a critically acclaimed writer, a former professor of English and creative writing, and has ghostwritten several New York Times bestselling books in the young adult genre for major publishers (including Penguin). A widely published author in her own right, she is also the author of six critically acclaimed YA novels: Silent Alarm, White Lines, Simply Irresistible, In Too Deep, and The Elite (Penguin USA and G.P. Putnam & Sons). Her most recent book, Silent Alarm, was a finalist in the American Library Association’s award for the best work of YA fiction of 2015. Jennifer is also the author of Hollywoodland: An American Fairy Tale, a work of literary fiction, and is the former co-founder and editor of Impetus Press, a small, independent publishing house that championed works of literary fiction with a pop edge.

With over fifteen years of extensive experience in both ghostwriting and developmental editing, Jennifer exhibits high standards and meticulous attention to detail throughout the editing or brainstorming process. She is highly skilled at bringing a book from the “idea” phase of development through to completion. As a distinguished instructor of English and creative writing for over sixteen years, Jennifer takes the hands-on approach to teaching and is proficient in shepherding her students through all genres of literature, from non-fiction and short story, to mastering the longer form of the novel.

Jennifer has ghostwritten numerous books for celebrity clients and titans of the business industry, but has a special fondness for all genres of fiction, poetry and memoir. Jennifer’s strong work ethic, dry sense of humor, and collaborative spirit are just a few of the reason that her services are routinely coveted by major publishers and private clients alike.