Hy Bender, Ghostwriter, Coauthor, & Developmental Editor

//Hy Bender, Ghostwriter, Coauthor, & Developmental Editor
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Genres: Medical/Health, Science, Technology, Legal, Political, Comedy, Memoir, Self-Help, Spiritual/Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Screenwriting

Hy is probably the only ghostwriter you’ll encounter who, through painstaking care in developing the book proposal, helped a first-time, non-celebrity author land a million dollar advance. (The resulting book, which Hy ghostwrote as well, went on to hit #16 on Amazon.) Hy’s aided hundreds of clients, ranging from New York Times bestselling authors to Hollywood screenwriters; and he’s helped two first-time authors reach The New York Times bestseller list.

Hy’s also the author or co-author of 16 books under his name that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. These include five books in the popular Dummies series and a Complete Idiot’s Guide, which demonstrate Hy’s ability to explain even complex concepts in an accessible, entertaining manner that anyone can understand.

And they further include an interview book with Neil Gaiman, one of the most beloved fantasy writers of our time, that quickly became a national bestseller. Hy uses those same interview skills to draw out the critical details of his clients’ stories.
In addition, Hy’s a comedy expert who’s written humor for such diverse national newspapers and magazines as The New York Times, American Film, Advertising Age, Spy, and Mad Magazine.

Hy’s most frequent clients are professionals who have tremendously valuable knowledge and insights but lack the experience and time to communicate them effectively in book form. Hy excels at extracting expert information by casually chatting over the phone, and then “translating” industry jargon and complicated data into flowing prose that’s fun to read and easy to absorb. Hy is also a top analyst of stories and screenplays, and a screenwriter and script doctor.