Art Lizza, Ghostwriter, Editor, & Publishing Consultant

//Art Lizza, Ghostwriter, Editor, & Publishing Consultant
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Art Lizza, Ghostwriter Editor

Specialties: Developmental Editing, Personal and Business Memoirs and Biographies, Scholarly Scientific/Technical Monographs, Creative Writing

As a full-time ghostwriter, author, conceptual/developmental editor, and publishing industry consultant, Art excels in the creation of full-length nonfiction personal and business memoirs and biographies as well as scholarly scientific/technical monographs. Art specializes in dramatic, empathetic and often humorous storytelling. He is prolific, having produced more than 30 books across multiple genres over the past 9 years, as well as editing countless articles in art, law, psychology, and personal development. He also boasts more than 25 years of experience in academic and scholarly publishing.

In 1978 Art joined four other talented individuals at the scholarly publishing firm of Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (LEA), then operating out of the basement of the founder’s home in Hillsdale, New Jersey. He immediately became a driving force in building LEA into one of the world’s leading and most respected publishers of psychology and the behavioral sciences while expanding its offerings to over a dozen new nonfiction topic areas. As Editorial Director of Publishing Operations for the firm, Art edited for publication literally hundreds of monographs, textbooks, and journal articles in psychology, education, literacy and curriculum studies, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, statistical methods, communication and rhetoric; topic areas in which he remains highly conversant.

In 1985, he was instrumental in launching The Analytic Press, an imprint formed specifically to publish scholarly research in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and in 1998, LEA acquired Hermagoras Press and continued to publish under that imprint scholarly studies in classical rhetoric and in the study of writing and reading. Art also edited and produced a series of books on industrial-agricultural hydroponics.

Highly versatile with respect to writing style and genre, Art brings a highly collaborative and compassionate partnership approach to the author-ghostwriter relationship, and has demonstrated a unique capacity for becoming the voice, heart, and soul of the author. He is particularly proud of his instinctive talent to tell a story virtually through the creation of raw, reality-gripping character dialogue, which one prominent literary agent described as “astonishingly brilliant.”