Will Murphy

Sr. Executive Editor-at-Large
#1 NYT-bestselling, former Exec Editor at Random House with 30+ NYT bestsellers

Will Murphy is an editor with a track record of acquiring, developing, and launching critically acclaimed books and high-impact bestsellers that span a wide range of categories—including current affairs, “big ideas,” business, politics, science, military affairs, history, narrative nonfiction, and fiction. He has a proven talent for identifying and broadening trendsetting ideas for a general audience, and a keen ability to marshal the power of marketing, publicity, and social media to strategic advantage. With 30 New York Times bestsellers, some of his most notable titles include Salman Rushdie’s The Golden House, David Brook’s The Road to Character, Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan, Pope Francis’s The Name of God is Mercy, Joe Scarborough’s The Right Path, and Joe Biden’s Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics.

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