Suzy K Quinn

Editorial Director (UK Office)
Internationally bestselling author with over 1 million copies sold worldwide

Suzy K Quinn is an internationally bestselling author, ghostwriter, entrepreneur and renowned book consultant.

As Editorial Director of our London office, Suzy leads KAA’s initiatives in the UK, Europe, and beyond. Working closely with writers, literary agents and publishers in the UK, Suzy also corresponds closely with KAA’s American office, providing our clients with a global approach to publishing.

Suzy’s own novels have sold over 1 million copies worldwide, and her combined ghostwritten titles have also sold into the millions. Her ‘How to Write a Bestseller Course’ sold in six figures on its weekly debut and her books are published in 12 countries. She has had the pleasure of working with many celebrities and notable business people on their ghostwriting projects over the years and has excellent experience of big five publishers and the publishing process.

Suzy has worked on novels and autobiographies for many celebrities and notable people, including members of the royal household, famous comedians, business people, actors and reality stars.

Selected Publications

  • The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Devoted Books, 2023)
  • Not My Daughter (HQ HarperCollins, 2020)
  • Bad Mother’s Virus (Lightning Books, 2020)
  • Bad Mother’s Wedding (Lightning Books, 2020)
  • Bad Mother’s Christmas (Lightning Books, 2019)
  • Don’t Tell Teacher (HQ HarperCollins, 2019)
  • Bad Mother’s Holiday (Lightning Books, 2018)
  • Bad Mother’s Detox (Lightning Books, 2017)
  • Bad Mother Begins (Lightning Books, 2017)
  • Bad Mother’s Pregnancy (Lightning Books, 2017)
  • Bad Mother’s Diary (Lightning Books, 2015)
  • I Take This Woman (self-published, 2013)
  • Night Girls (initially named Glass Geishas) (Hodder & Stoughton, 2012)