Mary Curran-Hackett

Ghostwriter (Memoir and Fiction)
New York Times-bestselling author and ghostwriter

Mary is a critically acclaimed writer, a former adjunct professor of English literature and writing, and editor of over 100 inspirational and religious books. Her bestselling, novels Proof of Heaven and Proof of Angels, published by William Morrow/HarperCollins, went on to be Target Book featured selections and reached #1 on Inspirational Fiction list.

In addition to novels, Mary has written a forthcoming memoir, All the Things That Never Happened, and has helped countless others write and tell their own life stories. As former participant in the world-renowned Stony Brook Writers Conference, Mary has had her own manuscripts reviewed by acclaimed authors and experienced writers. Mary has also offered private writing classes and workshops, where she has assisted many writers shepherd their memoirs and novels through various drafts.

As a ghostwriter, Mary has helped executives, artists, professors, and religious leaders share their unique stories and vision for the world.

In addition to writing books, Mary has written several profiles of acclaimed writers, including Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dave Eggers, Oprah Book of the Month Club author and best-selling author Janet Fitch, former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, and host of NPR’s Fresh Air, Terry Gross. She has also appeared on NPR’s This I Believe and her essay “Never Give Up,” which aired on the program, was anthologized in This I Believe: On Fatherhood (Wiley).

With over twenty years of extensive experience in writing, ghostwriting, developmental editing experience, and publishing experience, Mary is a skilled interviewer and has a knack for getting people to open up and share their story in ways only they can tell it. As a person who has both served as an editor and writer, Mary understands both sides of the process and tries to be the editor she herself needs as a writer and the writer she wishes to work with as an editor.

Mary is also an avid reader, and looks at each text as a reader might—hanging on every word and hoping to come away from each book transformed, enlightened, and a bit wiser and a more compassionate person for reading it.

Reading, writing, and working with people make Mary happy. She loves what she does. Mary is congenial, easy-to-work with, and sincerely wants every person to experience the process of writing as both the gift and a joy that it is, but she also recognizes the extraordinary discipline, strength, patience, skill, effort, and passion required to see a project through to completion. And thanks to years of hard work and experience, she possesses these virtues—not to mention a healthy sense of humor and acceptance of her own limitations.