Kate Hanley

Ghostwriter (Prescriptive Nonfiction)
Ghosted multiple New York Times bestsellers

Kate is a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, veteran health journalist, and author. One of her most notable ghosted books is Effortless Healing (Random House) by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Books in her own name have been published by National Geographic Books (A Year of Daily Calm), Adams Media (Stress Less) and Globe Pequot Press (The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide and The 28 Days Lighter Diet).

Kate’s three decades in book publishing began in the early 90s in San Francisco at a tiny publishing company founded by Shirley Jackson’s son. From there, she spent two decades honing her ability to connect with a mass women’s audience, first as a producer of websites and books for iVillage.com and then as a freelance writer, where her work has appeared in dozens of national publications, including REAL SIMPLE, Whole Living, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, Playboy, and on behalf of a who’s-who of corporate clients, including the Cleveland Clinic, Duke Integrative Medicine, Citibank’s Women & Co., and Sesame Workshop.

On every project, Kate combines her background as a mindfulness teacher with her deep insight into the world of writing to create a uniquely low-stress and high-impact working experience.