David Saias

Vice President, Sales
Former Executive at Fortune 200 Companies and Venture-Backed Startups

David is a versatile and entrepreneur-minded business builder, general manager, and sales executive with a successful history of growing and leading high-performing teams for diverse companies ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 200 companies.

As VP of Sales, David enjoys engaging with current and future clients, including business executives, startup founders, social media influencers, politicians, and others who see the benefit of telling their stories to a broad audience while cementing their legacy.

When not working, David spends time engrossed in spy novels and thrillers. He loves playing and watching any racquet sport, exploring hiking trails with his wife and rescue dog, and tries to sink a little white ball into 18 holes without losing his mind. Spending time with his daughters and son-in-law on the east and west coasts rounds out his remaining time.

You can learn more about David on LinkedIn.