When Do I Need to Hire a Ghostwriter?

When Do I Need to Hire a Ghostwriter?

Who are you gonna call? If those things are really happening to you, I might consider contacting professional help immediately.]

Do you find yourself unable to write due to distracting poltergeist activity? Is your keyboard so covered in ectoplasm that you can’t even type out a sentence without going through a week’s worth of hand soap? Well…you may not need a ghostwriter.

So, supernatural interruptions may be a little outside of the purview of your average ghostwriter. But there are plenty of other obstacles that a ghostwriter can help you overcome. You might need a ghostwriter if your answer to some, or all, of the following questions is “yes”:

1) Do You Have an Interesting Story on Your Hands?

Have you been sitting on a story that needs to be told, but hasn’t been yet? A ghostwriter can help you tell your story, whatever it may be. Fiction? Check. Nonfiction? No problem. Fanfiction? We guess so, but maybe not (although, there is a precedent for fanfics being published into wildly successful novels, so you just might need a ghostwriter for that, too).

2) Do You Struggle with Writing?

There’s no cosmic law that says you only get story ideas if you’re Shakespeare. You might have a great novel planned out mentally, but be better with numbers than letters. Additionally, many people with life stories that ought to be told are not necessarily writers, but this doesn’t mean that their stories shouldn’t be written down. A ghostwriter can help you get your story on paper, just like an architect can build you the dream house exactly as you’ve always pictured it in your mind.

3) Are You Way Too Busy to Write a Book?

Even if you do feel confident as a writer, books are long (some more than others). And writing something long can take a long time. Thankfully, if you’re like everyone else, you have so much free time you don’t know what to do with yourself…or wait, no, it’s the other way around: odds are, you’re very busy and can barely find the time to get your shirts ironed, never mind write a novel. You won’t find any articles titled, “Top 10 Best Books Not Written Due to Being Busy,” but yet, somehow, extremely busy people continue to publish books (hint: many, many authors use ghostwriters).

Hire a Ghostwriter

So, don’t let your would-be book remain disembodied, like ghosts (ah, I guess there is a type of ghost a ghostwriter can bust). Hire a professional ghostwriter to make your idea for a book more than just a fleeting aspiration.

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