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Igrid ReinkeIngrid Reinke

“Kevin and his team are professional and beyond talented. I submitted my first novel to them in very rough shape, and a month later I had the version and notes that led me to get a Kirkus Starred Review. For the service I received, the price was more than reasonable. The amount of work and thought put into my book went above and beyond my expectations. I am thrilled that I chose to work with this firm and will use them in the future, without a doubt.”

Ingrid Reinke is a Seattle-based independent writer who has received popular and critical acclaim—including a prestigious Kirkus Star—for her debut novel, Dead End Job.

As a first-time author, Ingrid worked with Kevin Anderson and his editing team to revise and publish her book—with award-winning results. Dead End Job was awarded a coveted Kirkus Star for books of “Remarkable Merit” and it was also included on the Kirkus Reviews’ “Best of 2012” list in both the “Indie” and “LOL” categories. Ingrid’s instinct for pitch-perfect comedy has also garnered her a loyal fan base and recognition as an Amazon Best-Selling author.

In the past two years, Ingrid has gone on to self-publish two more books for Kindle: a collection of humorous essays about aging entitled Twirty-Something: A Young Woman’s Guide to Giant Underwear, and Black-Out Convention, the next installment of the Louisa Hallstrom story that Ingrid introduced in Dead End Job.

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