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Our clients include multiple major publishing houses, literary agents and agencies, published authors, celebrities, various professionals and public figures, and a wide range of aspiring and first-time authors.

The vast majority of our client relationships are 100% confidential; the following testimonials represent a fraction of our clients’ published and bestselling titles.

Norman Ollestad

Norman Ollestad, Author of Crazy for the Storm

New York Times bestselling author

“I have worked with Kevin many times over the years for my memoir, fiction, book proposal, and articles. With each interaction, Kevin and his team provided excellent editorial services. His firm offers a diverse pool of editors to choose from, which enabled me hone the type of service I was looking for. Each editor was concise and insightful, giving me constructive notes that really allowed me to take my work to the next level. I particularly appreciated the editors’ ability to point out where I could strengthen my story while not feeling like they were trying to change my story—this is a delicate balance that only the best editors know how to do. I felt that they were in for the long haul because Kevin was always there for me when I had follow up questions. A great experience across the board.”

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Celeste Fine, Literary Agent, Sterling Lord Literistic

Represents numerous NYT-bestselling authors. Known for negotiating 6- and 7-figure deals.

“Working with Kevin Anderson & Associates is a great experience. Having worked together on multiple books over the years, they’ve proven themselves to be reliable, responsive, and talented. Their team of bestselling authors is a great resource for us and I definitely recommend their services to any author or publisher looking for top-quality writing services with a well-managed process.”

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Debra Dorfman, Scholastic Inc

VP & Publisher at Scholastic, former President & Publisher at Penguin

“I really enjoy working with Kevin Anderson & Associates. They have a great team of writers and are very collaborative, responsive, and professional. Kevin’s team has been quick to provide a range of top-quality writers who they feel are ideal for the novels we want to have written. I am currently working with Kira Breed-Wrisley, a great writer and listener, and I have been so comfortable working with her.”


Scott Cawthon, Author of Five Nights at Freddy’s

New York Times #1 bestselling author

“It was a pleasure working with Kevin Anderson and his team of talented writers and editors, and especially my coauthor, Kira. I highly recommend them.”

Based on his bestselling horror video game series, Scott’s first novel (coauthored by our very own Kira Breed-Wrisley), Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes (Scholastic, 2016), was a New York Times #1 bestseller for 18 weeks and continues to receive widespread critical acclaim. The Silver Eyes is the first of a three-book series with Scholastic, and the film has been optioned by Warner Brothers. The second book in the series, The Twisted Ones, became an Amazon #1 bestseller.


Naomi Whittel, Author of Glow 15

New York Times-bestselling author

“If you want the best of the best for your book, choose Kevin Anderson & Associates. Kevin and his team are passionate, talented, and a joy to work with.”


Tom Murry, former CEO of Calvin Klein

Author of A Great Fit, to be published in late 2019

“I’m incredibly impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of everyone at Kevin Anderson & Associates, and especially my lead ghostwriter, Mary. Writing this book would simply not be possible without their help, and now my message and business lessons have been transformed into a beautifully written manuscript that I’m proud to call my own. Every step of the process has been a pleasure, from the group book-planning and strategy sessions (conducted onsite, in the comfort of my home in Florida), through writing the book and pitching it to agents and publishers. Thank you!”

Tom Murry, 17-year CEO of Calvin Klein, is one of the most successful businessmen in the fashion industry. Known for his exemplary leadership style and the ability to meld taste and creativity with business acumen, Murry was responsible for the greatest growth period in Calvin Klein’s history, transforming the company’s global retail value from $2.8-billion to $8-billion.


Jeff Pegues, CBS News correspondent Washington, D.C   Photo: John P. Filo/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jeff Pegues, CBS News Correspondent and 3-Time Emmy-Award Winner

Author of Kompromat and Black and Blue.

“Kevin Anderson & Associates provided the guidance I needed in the publishing business. Kevin’s team helped me take all of my ideas and put them into what Entertainment Weekly called one of the “15 juiciest political books to come in 2018”. If you’re interested in becoming an author, Kevin Anderson & Associates can make your dream become a reality. It is a full-service firm that pays attention to the details and will help make your book a bestseller.”

See Jeff’s bio on Wikipedia or CBS News.

Ghostwriter, Editor, Testimonial, James

James Villepigue, International Bestselling Author

Over 2 million copies sold!

“Professional, prompt, and incredibly talented! Kevin Anderson and his team are world class and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to get the most out of their book. Thank you for always being there when I needed you!”


Jackson Tucker, Macmillan Publishers

Publisher’s Representative at Macmillan Learning.

“Kevin Anderson & Associates gives aspiring writers the tools they need–through ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading–to get their book ready for a literary agent or publisher.”

Bill GreenBill Green, Author of All In

CEO at Crestar Group of Companies and LendingOne

“It was a pleasure working with Kevin Anderson and his team—especially my developmental editor, Murphy Hooker. I sent them my initial manuscript that needed development and editing, and now the book is perfect.”

All In was ranked #1 on Forbes’ 10 Best Books for Entrepreneurs in 2017.

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Ghostwriting and Editing ServicesRandi Rhodes

Political commentator and talk radio host of The Randi Rhodes Show

“When I reached out to Kevin, my work was still a mess. After heavy editing I received notes and corrections, and now the finished product is perfect and ready for publishing. Thank you so much for your expertise, professionalism, constant contact, and to the editors who worked so hard on my book with me. I will never forget it!”

See Randi’s bio on Wikipedia…

Erik WahlErik Wahl, Author of Unthink: Rediscover your Creative Genius

World-renowned artist, entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker.

“Kevin and his team are professional, prompt, and incredibly skilled. I was immediately impressed by their responsiveness and how quickly they provided me with three different high-quality writing samples within a few days, all in an effort to match my unique style and voice. They clearly care about their clients and are willing to go the extra mile to please them. I highly recommend Kevin and his firm.”


Bob Proctor and LifeSuccess

World-renowned author and publishing house

“LifeSuccess has had the pleasure of working with Kevin and his team since early 2008. I must say that we’ve been very impressed with their professionalism and excellent editing services. Several of our authors have gone out of their way to express how much they’ve appreciated their professional advice and helpful insights. They have also been readily available to us whenever we’ve needed them in a crunch. I cannot recommend them enough.”
—Wendy Gallaghar, Vice President of Production, LifeSuccess Publishing

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Igrid ReinkeIngrid Reinke, Author of Dead-End Job

Kirkus Star Recipient

“Kevin and his team are professional and beyond talented. I submitted my first novel to them in very rough shape, and a month later I had the version and notes that led me to get a Kirkus Starred Review. For the service I received, the price was more than reasonable. The amount of work and thought put into my book went above and beyond my expectations. I am thrilled that I chose to work with this firm and will use them in the future, without a doubt.”

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Ghostwriting and Editing Services

Chuck Shields, CEO and former President of HR for Disneyland

“As a first-time author, there is more to learn than one would suspect. My daughter, who has worked for my consulting firm for several years, was given the task of putting a plan together for me, which included researching several firms that could assist me. She talked to several editors and strongly recommended Kevin Anderson’s firm. Of all the right moves I made, selecting Kevin and his associates was the most critical and rewarding. They combined great advice with deep experience and timely service that made the process a lot easier than it could have been. Thanks to them for a wonderful partnership!”

Ka-writing.com Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services

Warren Getler

Published author and respected international journalist

“I’ve been extremely pleased with the services provided by Kevin Anderson and his team of gifted editors and consultants. As an author, screenwriter and journalist, I can fully appreciate the value of a highly talented editor—and Kevin Anderson & Assoc. has several. Their expertise and professionalism place them at the top echelon of the industry, and I very much look forward to working with them again.”

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Julie Chandler

 Julie Kirtón Chandler, Author of The Children of Gavrilek Series

18 weeks on the Amazon bestseller list

“My book spent 18 weeks on several Amazon bestseller lists thanks to your time and attention to my manuscript.”

Julie Kirtón Chandler’s debut novel, The Children of Gavrilek, has already sold over 50,000 copies and appeared on multiple Amazon Bestseller lists. Julie has been praised for her ability to blend genres, including world history, mystery, science fiction, religion, and romance, into intriguing and emotionally mesmerizing prose.

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220px-Gary_BrackettGary Brackett, Author of Winning

NFL athlete and Super Bowl champion

“Kevin, Thanks for all of your help with the book! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Gary Brackett is a former NFL athlete and the author of the inspiring book, Winning: From Walk-On to Captain, in Football and Life. A linebacker and defensive captain for the Super Bowl XLIV-winning Indianapolis Colts, Gary played for nine years in the NFL after going undrafted out of college at Rutgers University.

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David Marshall, PF Publishing

Business strategist and publishing house director

“Our publishing firm has had the pleasure of working with Kevin and his talented team of ghostwriters and editors since 2012. We are continually impressed with the depth and range of their writing abilities. They are truly a top-shelf service. Whenever we have questions or concerns, Kevin will always make himself personally available to walk us through every detail. Exceptional all around!”

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Ka-writing.com Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services

Matt Sunshine, Author of LeadG2: Getting Prospects to Raise Their Hands

Executive Vice President at The Center for Sales Strategy

“Kevin and his team were incredible! Could not have done it without them!”

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Professor Morton Glantz, Renowned Financial Analyst

Author of numerous published books and financial journal articles

“I’m more than pleased… The chapters flow like a brook. What really amazed me is that your editor spotted inconsistencies and issues (some microscopic) in later chapters that showed up in early chapters… Thanks again, Kevin. You guys are terrific! Editorial brilliance!”

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