Karena Kilcoyne’s “Rise Above the Story” Hits USA Today Bestseller List

Karena Kilcoyne’s “Rise Above the Story” Hits USA Today Bestseller List

KAA Bestseller Rise Above The Story

Rise Above the Story: Free Yourself from Past Trauma and Create the Life You Want by Karena Kilcoyne has landed on the prestigious USA Today National Bestseller list!

This incredible achievement is a testament to Karena’s powerful message and her commitment to helping others heal from trauma and live their most fulfilling lives.

KAA Bestseller Rise Above The Story

KAA Bestseller Rise Above The Story

In Rise Above the Story, Karena draws from her own journey of overcoming childhood trauma and addiction to provide readers with a compassionate and practical roadmap for breaking free from the limiting narratives of the past. Through a combination of neuroscience research, therapeutic principles, and deeply personal stories, she offers a transformative approach to rewriting the stories that have held us back.

At the core of Karena’s work is the understanding that trauma lives in the body, not just the mind. By learning to tune into physical sensations and reconnect with our innate wisdom, we can begin to release the traumas and emotions trapped within us. Karena’s gentle guidance and step-by-step exercises empower readers to befriend their bodies, confront their fears, and ultimately reclaim their power.

Rise Above the Story is a call to embrace our full potential and create the lives we truly desire. Karena’s message resonates deeply because it speaks to the universal human experience of struggle and the longing for growth and transformation.

The book’s meteoric rise to the USA Today Bestseller list is a powerful affirmation of the impact Karena’s work is having on readers across the country. As people from all walks of life discover the book’s life-changing insights, they are finding the courage to confront their pasts, let go of limiting beliefs, and step into their authentic selves.

Karena’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the incredible power we all possess to rise above our circumstances. Her vulnerability, wisdom, and unwavering belief in the potential for healing have struck a chord with readers, inspiring them to embrace their own narratives of growth and transformation.

As we celebrate this milestone, we are reminded that Karena’s work is just beginning. With Rise Above the Story now reaching an even wider audience, her message of hope, healing, and empowerment will continue to ripple outward, touching countless lives and contributing to a more conscious, compassionate world.

Congratulations, Karena, on this well-deserved achievement! Your story reminds us all that no matter how deep the wounds, we have the power to rise above our stories and create the lives we know are possible.

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