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Is your English-language book about to be released in the US for the first time? Are you considering Americanization of the text?

Our Cultural Accuracy & Sensitivity Editorial (CASE) Services Department has editors that can help you determine whether and how to Americanize your book before it goes to print in the US.

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There are some questions that you should ask yourself about your text before you get it Americanized. Read this blog post by KAA Senior Editor Hannah Gómez for insights on the Americanization process.

If you have decided that you do indeed want to pursue Americanization, we can help! First, you’ll have a Zoom or phone meeting with Senior Editor Hannah Gómez to discuss your needs and goals for the project, and then it will be assigned to one of our editors, who will use Microsoft’s Track Changes feature to provide Americanization suggestions throughout the entire manuscript.

Our pool of editors includes people with various genre, format, and age group expertise, and we have a number of linguists and cultural anthropologists available for projects that require more nuanced editorial support in the Americanization process. Alternatively, if you have decided against fully Americanizing a text, we can help you develop a glossary.

Rates start at $0.029/word for manuscripts. If you would prefer a consult call with an editor before you embark on Americanization yourself (or ultimately choose not to based on advice), we can do 30- or 60-minute Zooms.

I’m so happy that I moved forward with a Cultural Accuracy Reading at KAA, so my book could be more inclusive and resonate with a wide range of readers. They spent time making sure they found the best reader who could address my concerns and personal blindspots. My reader shared clear comments and provided great alternative words and phrases to explore using instead. I also loved the helpful resources and links to articles to provide me with more context and education. I not only have a better book because of a CAR, but I also feel like a better human. I have been recommending this service to my friends and clients because I truly believe all authors should have a Cultural Accuracy Reading before sharing their work with the world.

Jadah Sellner

Bestselling author of Simple Green Smoothies (Rodale Books) and She Builds (Harper Business)

It has been a pleasure working with Kevin Anderson and his team of talented writers and editors–I highly recommend them. Having collaborated together on over a dozen manuscripts since 2015, including the original Five Nights at Freddy’s series, I can attest to their responsiveness, dedication to excellence, and commitment to keeping their clients happy…

Scott Cawthon

New York Times #1 bestselling author of Five Nights at Freddy’s–over 1 million copies sold

It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with Kevin Anderson and his team. We reached out to them for an authenticity read and the reader we were paired with was thorough, highly attentive, and had an excellent grasp of the subject matter at hand. We’re extremely grateful to the KAA team for their professionalism and resourcefulness, and highly recommend their services.

Thea Diklich-Newell

Hachette Book Group

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Instead of you spending hours seeking out hundreds of experts in different subject areas, KAA gives you one-stop access to a large pool of editors and consultants who are leaders and experts in their fields, while you’ll still only have one vendor to pay.

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In addition to experienced editors and writers, our pool of experts also includes academics, historians, military veterans, librarians, artists, performers, and other practitioners, so you can be sure you’re getting real-world perspectives. And because our process includes training and oversight from a KAA Senior Editor, you can be sure you’re getting advice that is truly actionable in the publishing world.

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