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Whether you are just beginning to develop a new IP sandbox or you are expanding an existing, beloved universe into a new vertical or for a new generation, you are probably considering how best to handle the diversity and inclusivity that audiences expect. How can you respectfully and authentically create characters, worlds, and plotlines that reflect diverse cultures and peoples? You need our Cultural Accuracy & Sensitivity Editorial Services.
Culturally Sensitive Publishing Strategy for IP and Licensing

The success and widespread appeal of initiatives like colorblind casting for ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, multicultural storytelling from Disney Books’s Rick Riordan Presents, creative historical reimaginings such as Netflix’s Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte, and feminist superheroes like Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel; all confirm one thing: audiences are and always have been diverse, and they love to see their own worlds reflected back at them in the media–both in terms of behind-the-scenes creators and the characters within the pages and on the screens.

For every diverse property done well, though, there seems to be an equal number of obtuse or offensive attempts at inclusion: Animation fairy tale juggernauts turning their few Black characters into animals for the majority of their screen time. Movie studios putting thin actors in fat suits instead of casting fat actors. A professional sports league “celebrating” Hispanic heritage by changing the N in its acronym to an Ñ and calling it “unmistakable Latin flavor.” 

Creative industries including publishing still struggle to hire and retain staff as diverse as their audiences and consumers are. There’s no excuse not to continue working towards that goal, but we are here to complement it: our experts will help you think through your IP and licensed property plans, whether it’s new characters, book storylines, costumes, or worldbuilding in order to make sure they are authentic and affirming. Contact us to learn more about how we can build a custom package of services.

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Jackson Tucker

Publishers Representative, Macmillan Learning

It has been a pleasure working with Kevin Anderson and his team of talented writers and editors–I highly recommend them. Having collaborated together on over a dozen manuscripts since 2015, including the original Five Nights at Freddy’s series, I can attest to their responsiveness, dedication to excellence, and commitment to keeping their clients happy…

Scott Cawthon

New York Times #1 bestselling author of Five Nights at Freddy’s–over 1 million copies sold

It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with Kevin Anderson and his team. We reached out to them for an authenticity read and the reader we were paired with was thorough, highly attentive, and had an excellent grasp of the subject matter at hand. We’re extremely grateful to the KAA team for their professionalism and resourcefulness, and highly recommend their services.

Thea Diklich-Newell

Hachette Book Group

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