Memoirs and Autobiographies: The Next Step for Successful Leaders and Public Figures

Memoirs and Autobiographies: The Next Step for Successful Leaders and Public Figures

Successful leaders and well-established public figures often seem like they’ve reached the top of their fields. But when you’ve attained wide recognition, influence, and maybe even a fan base, what’s next? For many public figures, writing a memoir or an autobiography is the next logical step.

Writing and publishing a book is an ideal way to expand your sphere of influence and to deepen your connection with the people who are already interested in what you have to say. It allows you to share the life experiences that have been most meaningful to you with a wide audience. It’s a way of articulating, developing, and growing your personal brand. It’s also a means of connecting with people by telling your story—and if you’ve been a success, you can be certain that people want to read your story.

From politicians and business leaders to activists and celebrities, many successful people write and publish memoirs and autobiographies. Here are a few influential examples in the genre:

Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In

The Facebook COO’s bestseller Lean In isn’t just a memoir: it’s a call to action that has inspired and empowered countless women. While Sandberg was well known in tech and business circles before publishing the book, Lean In has increased awareness of her work and brought her an audience beyond the business world.

Nelson Mandela, The Long Walk to Freedom

South African anti-apartheid activist and politician Nelson Mandela published his memoir in 1995, and there has been renewed interest in the book since his death. In 2013, it was adapted into a film starring British actor Idris Elba. The popularity of Mandela’s memoir is a testament to the public’s interest in the stories of people who have lived challenging, influential, and extraordinary lives.

Keith Richards, Life

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is one of rock and roll’s most influential personalities, and the story of his rise as a songwriter, rock star, and celebrity bad boy has proven to be a bestseller. Life is also a memoir about music and artistry, and it gives readers insight into Richards’s creative process.

Sonia Sotomayor, My Beloved World

Sonia Sotomayor has had an amazing life so far: she grew up in public housing in the Bronx, graduated from Princeton at the top of her class, and now holds a seat on the Supreme Court. It’s no wonder, then, that her memoir is a fascinating and engaging read. By telling her story, she builds a deeper connection with the American public – the people she now serves as a Supreme Court Justice.

Perhaps you’re interested in following the lead of these authors and writing a memoir or autobiography. Even if with a busy schedule full of commitments and obligations, you can do it if you work with a ghostwriter. Call us today to find out how we can help you tell your story.