Andrew Liveris’ “Leading Through Disruption” Hits Wall Street Journal Bestseller List

Andrew Liveris’ “Leading Through Disruption” Hits Wall Street Journal Bestseller List

KAA bestseller leading through disruption

We are happy to announce that Leading Through Disruption by Andrew Liveris has landed on the prestigious Wall Street Journal bestseller list! This incredible achievement is a testament to Andrew’s leadership experience and his invaluable insights for navigating today’s volatile, rapidly changing business landscape.

KAA bestseller leading through disruption

KAA bestseller leading through disruption

In Leading Through Disruption, Andrew draws from his 40-year career – including 14 years as Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical – to provide a masterclass in leading organizations through periods of massive disruption and transformation. With raw honesty and hard-won wisdom, he recounts his personal journey of steering Dow through existential threats, economic upheaval, and tectonic industry shifts.

At the heart of Andrew’s message is the understanding that disruption is now the default operating state for businesses across industries. Rather than viewing it as an obstacle, he calls on leaders to embrace disruption as an opportunity for reinvention and growth. With fascinating behind-the-scenes accounts and pragmatic frameworks, he outlines how to develop the agility, foresight, and resilience required to not just survive but thrive in the face of constant change.

From addressing “disruption myopia” to cultivating a innovation culture, Andrew provides a comprehensive playbook for leading with purpose, authenticity, and a fierce determination to create value and drive progress. His guidance for fostering collaboration, pushing past fear, and harnessing the catalyzing forces of disruption is a must-read for leaders at every level.

Leading Through Disruption has resonated so powerfully because it doesn’t just preach lofty ideals – it gets into the trenches of real-world disruption and massive pivots required to adapt and win. Andrew’s hard-earned lessons, delivered with humility and clarity, provide an inspiring vision for courageous leadership in an age of constant upheaval.

The book’s meteoric rise to the Wall Street Journal bestseller list is a resounding affirmation that Andrew’s message has struck a chord with leaders hungry for practical guidance on navigating our turbulent times. In an era where companies’ very existences are being routinely disrupted, his wisdom is proving indispensable.

As we celebrate this milestone achievement, we are reminded that Andrew’s work has an impact that extends far beyond the pages of his book. Through his writings, speeches, and leadership endeavors, he is inspiring organizations and individuals alike to lean into disruption, embrace bold innovation, and hold true to their corporate and personal values.

In this way, Leading Through Disruption is a call to action, empowering leaders to drive positive change and contribute solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Andrew’s example reminds us that real leadership is about unlocking human potential, uniting teams around a shared purpose, and having the courage to forge new paths.

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