4 Tips for Using Goodreads to Raise Your Profile and Market Your Book

4 Tips for Using Goodreads to Raise Your Profile and Market Your Book

What is Goodreads?

Goodreads is a social network for book lovers. It helps readers find and explore new books. Goodreads users share book reviews and recommendations, and because the site is owned by and connected to Amazon, it’s a powerful driver of book sales.

But Goodreads isn’t just a tool for readers; it’s a powerful platform that you can use to raise your profile as an author—and sell more books.
Here are four tips for using Goodreads to your advantage.

1. Get Involved in the Goodreads Community

Be a good literary citizen by reviewing books that you’ve read and by recommending your favorites. This shows other users that you’re a reader, too, and are engaged with the literary community. Plus, by recommending books, you’re providing a service—you’re helping your fans and readers find good books, which will help you build a stronger connection to your readers.

2. Sync Your Website or Blog With Goodreads

Many authors already post regularly on a personal website or a blog. But did you know that you can sync your blog to your Goodreads account? When you do, your posts will appear on your Goodreads Author Page and help drive readers to your website. As Goodreads Community Manager Patrick Brown points out, the site notifies readers when their favorite authors post updates, so your readers will always know when you’ve posted something new.

3. Promote Events

Got a reading, signing, or a workshop coming up? Don’t forget to post about it on Goodreads. Not only will this ensure that local fans know about your upcoming appearances, but it will also help generate buzz about your book. Readers who can’t make it out to see you might follow you more closely to find out when your next appearance will be so that they can make a point to be there.

4. Organize Giveaways

Giving your book away for free seems like a counter-intuitive way to sell more books, but a giveaway can generate amazing buzz. Cynthia Shannon of the Independent Book Publishers Association notes, “As people see their friends enter a giveaway, they are more likely to check out the free book. In the United States, the average 20-copy giveaway draws 920 entrants, and most members who enter will add the book to their ‘to-read’ shelf, further raising awareness of it.” Goodreads makes it easy to run a giveaway—and to benefit from the publicity that it generates.
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