Craig Dowden’s “A Time to Lead” Hits USA Today Bestseller List

Craig Dowden’s “A Time to Lead” Hits USA Today Bestseller List

kaa bestseller a time to lead

A Time to Lead: Mastering Your Self…So You Can Master Your World by Craig Dowden has landed on the prestigious USA Today bestseller list! This achievement is a demonstration of Craig’s groundbreaking work in the arena of purpose-driven leadership and human potential.

kaa bestseller a time to lead

kaa bestseller a time to lead

In A Time to Lead, Craig draws from over two decades of experience guiding high-achievers and business leaders to distill the foundational principles required to create profound personal mastery and meaningful global impact. With penetrating insights and a masterful synthesis of diverse wisdom traditions, he takes readers on a transformational journey to activate their highest visions and make their greatest contributions.

At the core of Craig’s message is the understanding that to manifest positive change in our organizations and communities, we must first cultivate the self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and clarity of purpose within ourselves as leaders. As he outlines with pragmatic power, the internal work of taming our egos, bravely reckoning with our shadows, and anchoring into our deepest “why” is what unlocks our ability to inspire and influence others authentically.

From harnessing the power of accountability to building high-trust ecosystems, Craig provides a comprehensive roadmap for showing up as fully integrated leaders. His methodologies equip visionaries to transcend inner barriers, forge unshakable self-belief, and lead in alignment with their most cherished values and visions. This holistic approach is a must-read for anyone called to create meaningful impact without sacrificing personal integrity.

But A Time to Lead is more than just a leadership handbook – it’s a clarion call for conscious evolution in the face of unprecedented challenges and opportunities facing our world today. As we grapple with accelerating disruption, environmental crises, and fracturing human trust, Craig’s work reminds us that the solutions we seek lie in cultivating the generative potential within each of us as individuals first.

The book’s rise to USA Today bestseller status is a powerful signifier that its message has struck a profound chord. In our volatile era of industrial clashes, political divides, and eroding social cohesion, Craig offers visionary hope – that through the inner work of becoming masterful “leaders of self first,” we can co-create a thriving world of mutual trust, collaboration, and prosperous evolution for all.

As this milestone achievement confirms, A Time to Lead is galvanizing a growing global movement of leaders committed to unifying personal mastery and societal impact. Craig’s methodology is proving indispensable for change-makers seeking to harmonize success across all life domains while blazing new fronties for innovation and progress.

Actualize Your Vision for Leadership Impact

The success of A Time to Lead is a powerful testament that our world is hungry for new models of conscious, evolved leadership. If Craig’s work has ignited your inspiration to leave a profound legacy of influence while mastering your own craft of purpose-driven living, the Kevin Anderson & Associates team is here to support your journey.

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