Miles Rote

Chief of Author Strategy
Led author strategy for 2,000+ professionals

Miles is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in publishing, marketing, business development, sales, and thought leadership. Most recently, he worked closely with Scribe co-founders Tucker Max and Zach Obront where he created new marketing initiatives, led the author community, expanded services offerings, and consulted more than 2,000 professionals to help them write, publish, and market their books. He’s also helped create and sell small businesses, grow a startup to become one of Inc.’s Fastest Growing Companies, and helped hundreds of authors and thought leaders monetize their offerings. 

When not working, Miles enjoys spending hours in nature trying to do nothing, reading about anything, and thinking about everything. He loves studying human behavior, practicing yoga, and trying to keep up with the young adults on the basketball court. Passionate about the intersection of technology and humanity, he’s interested in the evolution of books (ask him about it), and how we can use technology to better our lives instead of being consumed by it.

You can catch him on LinkedIn here discussing writing your book, or on Instagram here posting about rewriting your life.