What Jeff Koons’ Artistic Process Says about Ghostwriting

What Jeff Koons’ Artistic Process Says about Ghostwriting

Jeff Koons is arguably the most famous American artist currently alive. He is at least the wealthiest living American artist (which makes him the second wealthiest living artist in the world). You may have seen some of his metal sculptures designed to look like balloon animals, like the one pictured above. Koons embraces the title of ‘pop artist’ in the tradition of Andy Warhol, creating sculptures and paintings that mimic mundane, commercial objects, often in huge proportions. One of his balloon animal sculptures recently became the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold by auction. Koons has acquired not only financial wealth, but also a wealth of critical buzz—both positive and negative. Currently, Koons is one of the big controversies of the art world: is he a genius or a hack? Either way, he has made a lasting impact on his field.

Jeff Koons’ Workshop

Koons’ work is developed using a method known as art fabrication, which takes place in his famous workshop that is modeled, in part, after Andy Warhol’s The Factory. What’s unique about Koons is how far he takes the process—that is, Koons isn’t involved in the actual “creation” of any of his works of art, at least on the technical level. In an interview, Koons said of his artistic process and his workshop:

“I’m basically the idea person. I’m not physically involved in the production. I don’t have the necessary abilities, so I go to the top people.”

In other words, Koons conceptualizes his works of art, and pays other people to construct them.

What Ghostwriters and Jeff Koons’ Workshop Have in Common

Koons’ artistic model works. While some critics like the works it produces and others don’t, the model has proven itself successful regardless. Koons is the artist—100%—and he is recognized as such. This is because the art is a direct reflection of his ideas; it is Koons’ vision that is being represented in any given sculpture, painting, or installation. Koons, however, recognizes that he doesn’t “have the necessary abilities,” so he seeks out highly skilled technicians that do. He works with those technicians, and they produce a Koons. In the same way, ghostwriters are technicians, working with the author to create a book that is 100% the author’s. The author, like Koons, is the “idea person;” the author is the artist. The ghostwriter is like a technician in Koons’ workshop, utilizing her or his skills to bring the idea to life.

Hire a Ghostwriter

If you have an idea that you’d like to get down on paper—be it a memoir, a novel, a business book, or anything else—a ghostwriter can transform your idea into your book.  One of the keys to Jeff Koons’ success is that he both recognized when he didn’t have the skills to complete his ideas, and decided to not let this get in the way of their realization. If you would like to be an author, but don’t have the time or skills to craft a top-quality book, “go to the top people” like Koons and hire a ghostwriter by contacting us, today.

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