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david-marshallDavid Marshall

“Our publishing firm has had the pleasure of working with Kevin and his talented team of ghostwriters and editors since 2012. We are continually impressed with the depth and range of their writing abilities. They are truly a top-shelf service. Whenever we have questions or concerns, Kevin will always make himself personally available to walk us through every detail. Exceptional all around!”

David Marshall is the Director of Strategy Development at PF Publishing, a positioning firm that partners with individuals and organizations to help them define what success is for them and establish them as experts in their field.

David received his BSc (Hons) degree in Construction Management from Nottingham Trent University in the UK. After working for large UK construction companies he established his own consultancy in construction management and building inspection. He has since established business in both the UK and Canada, in construction, travel, and the high-end audio sectors.

David is a skilled strategist who uses his “win-win” mindset and his entrepreneurial business skills to help successful men and women who are going through a transition phase in their businesses – retiring, handing over their businesses to the next generation – design their exit strategy, define what comes after success and what their legacy will be.

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