Five Extraordinary Bookstores Across the World

Five Extraordinary Bookstores Across the World

Bookstores are bookstores, you might say. Even better, just use Amazon. While chain and online bookstores are helpful for getting something we all love—books—independent booksellers can offer experiences that are hard to get elsewhere. The best local bookstores offer not just a unique selection of books, but also an entire aesthetic experience that becomes worthwhile on its own. What follows is a short list of some of those special bookstores.

The Last Bookstore

Downtown Los Angeles, USA Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services
Aside from being the biggest buyer and seller of used books and records in California, this bookstore manages to create a dim and dusty, vintage, almost steampunk environment in the middle of a city that couldn’t be further from that aesthetic. Walking in, a visitor encounters vaulted ceilings and huge pillars. It isn’t until the second floor, however, that she would discover the truly unique part of this bookstore. Books are arranged into tunnels and sculptures, organized by color, and arranged into a “Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore” where everything is just 1 dollar.

Word on the Water

London, UK Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services
The main thing to say about this bookstore is that it is on a barge. A barge with cats. Because it is on a barge, this one moves around a bit, but you can keep up with the location of these pirate/booksellers on their Facebook page. Aside from being able to hop aboard a boat filled with books, visitors can stay landside and listen to concert performances and poetry readings held on the barge’s roof.

Librarie Avant-Garde

Nanjing, China Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services
This gorgeous bookstore is in a converted, underground parking garage. It’s also home to the largest collection of humanities books in China, and staffed exclusively by poets, writers, and passionate bibliophiles (who have a 30-minute huddle each morning to share their writing, discuss films, and talk books). The owner, Zhang Xing, says of the bookstore “Here in Librarie Avant-Garde, reading is our religion and this place is the heaven for readers.”

Cook & Book

Brussels, Belgium Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services
Each section of this bookstore/café hybrid is gorgeously designed—in completely different styles. Each of its nine rooms are divided by genre and designed to fit that genre—from Modern, to British pub. One room even has a faux-ceiling of books dangling from strings. Whether a visitor is hungry or hungry for books, this is definitely worth a visit.

Livraria Lello

Porto, Portugal Premier Ghostwriting and Editing Services
Arguably the most beautiful bookstore in the world, this ancient gem is filled from floor to ceiling with books. The building is dominated by a sweeping, grand staircase, ornately carved, dark wood, and stained glass. To step into this bookstore is to step into a past of sophisticated private libraries.

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