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Our skillful designers can create the perfect visual presentation to promote and enhance your book. We’ll take care all of the details, from writing the back cover copy to making sure your ISBN appears properly to formatting per the publisher’s guidelines. Along with designing your book cover, we will also ensure that it meets the technical submission requirements of your publisher. Below you will find a few work samples from our lead designer (formerly with Hachette), JuLee Brand.

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Learn More About Our Book Cover Services

I Don’t Know What Visuals Should Accompany My Book—Can You Help with Coming Up with a Design?

Absolutely! Our expert book designers would be happy to brainstorm some book cover ideas with you and review potential book designs that will reflect the essence of your book and attract consumers to take a peek inside.

Can I Collaborate with My Designer on How My Book Cover Looks?

Let’s be clear about one thing—this is YOUR book cover. We’re happy to adjust our service to provide you with the stunning cover that you’ve always envisioned for your book. Whether you’re providing artwork or just detailed directions, we’ll do whatever is necessary to design an impressive book cover that you can be proud to call your own.

How Does the Process Work?

Typically, we will begin the process by discussing what your book is about and what you had in mind for your book cover. If you’re publishing with a self-publisher or POD, we will need to confirm the exact dimensions required for the book cover.

We will then search for or develop images and designs that we think will work best for your book cover. At this time, you may also provide some of your own artwork or images to include. Clients will often provide us links to other covers that they find attractive or wish to emulate.

Once you’ve approved the general images and design, we’ll put together a mock-up of the book cover for you to review. Based on your feedback, we’ll refine and adjust the cover to meet your expectations.

After the book cover design is complete and meets your satisfaction, we’ll develop the text for the back cover. You can provide this for us, or we can develop the text for you—it’s up to you.

Does My eBook Need a Book Cover?

eBooks do not require a back cover or spine, but they do require a front cover. The front cover is the image that’s displayed when readers look for your book and will be the very first page of your book. It’s important to have a stunning book cover that will attract web users to look at your book.

What If I Don’t Like the Book Cover?

We make every effort to please you and adjust the book cover to meet your complete satisfaction. We will develop the cover in very small steps and provide you with samples and images to approve or disapprove throughout the process. By working together step-by-step, we can make sure that we’re always on the same page with you and eliminate misunderstandings. If, during the first stages of the process, we are unable to provide you with any designs that you like, we will refund your money and provide you with recommendations for other designers who may be better suited for your specific preferences.

Will You Provide Original Artwork?

Most of our covers are developed with original designs and preexisting high-definition images or graphics. If you want original artwork, we do collaborate with several talented partners who can develop a distinct and original design that we can integrate into your book cover. Their availability and pricing is independent of our firm.

Will You Put the ISBN Number on the Cover?

If you have purchased your own ISBN number, we can easily place it on the back of your book. However, most publishers and self-publishers will do this for you.